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SABER –M60 Surveillance Radar

State-of-the-art 3D Radar System for Surveillance and Target Data Acquisition within 60 km detection range, designed to integrate the Air Traffic Control and Low Altitude Anti-Aircraft Defence Systems.

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Anti-Aircraft Defence System Command and Control StationCOAAe

Designed to receive the data, collected by the SABER M60 radar stations and other surveillance sites, integratingand transmittingthem to the firing command. The COAAe feature is to coordinate the security of troops and military installations and in major events like the World Cup and the Olympics Games.

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Short range radar SENTIR-M20

The SENTIR-M20 is a short-range radar, for military application, capable of performing surveillance operations, acquisition, classification, localization, tracking and automatic graphical display of ground and air moving targets (next to the ground), such as: men moving alone, troops, tanks, trucks, trains, helicopters and aircraft.
It is foreseen for border surveillance, measure of artillery shot deviation, battlefield surveillance, early threat warning and detection of nearby movement of: troops, tanks, trucks, trains, helicopters, aircraft and even lonely people. The main features of the SENTIR-M20 are: robustness, reliability and portability

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Smart Guided Bomb - SMKB

SMKB Smart Guided Weapon System, for air-to-ground warfare, operating under encrypted wireless data transfer, all-weather conditions and accurate guidance, at a range of up to 24 km, for lower exposure to enemy fire. The SMKB weapon employs inertial guidance system (INS) aided by Global Positioning System (GPS) guiding modular bombs, as the 500 pounds MK-82 and 1,000 pounds MK-83.

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General Purpose Bombs MK 81, MK 82, MK 83, MK 84

Low Drag General Purpose (LDGP) bombs,carrying 45 to 467 kg of tritonal or composite B, equipped with stabilizers and fitted for both nose and tail fuzes to ensure reliability and blast, cratering or fragmentation effects.
These weapons are effective against armoured, fixed and mobile targets.


The penetration bombs, with the same explosive loads, is fitted with a delayed-action and crush resistant tail fuze providing a penetration capability of up to 1.8 m in reinforced concrete.
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Fragmentation Bombs PF 81, PF 82, PF 83, PF 84

Highly effective anti-personnel anti-materiel aerial weapon,carrying 28 to 190kg of tritonal or composite B, equipped with low drag stabilizers and fitted for both nose and tail fuzes.
Its controlled fragmentation envelope and large number of steel balls maximize the blast and fragmentation effects against soft targetswhile maintaining present facilities, buildings and forest.

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BPEB Penetration Bombs BPEB 500, BPEB 1000, BPEB 2000

A 500 to 2000 pound class hardened bomb, designated as a hard target penetrator. It has a steel casing of 25.4 mm (1 inch) thick, filled with up to 467 kg of tritonal or composite B and a delayed action and crush resistant tail fuze fitted to initiate detonation deep inside buried or reinforced concrete bunkers.
The heavy walled case of this bomb provides a penetration
capability of up to 1.8 m of reinforced concrete, being
suitable for shelters, dikes, buildings, runways and other

hardened targets
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BEX11 / BDU-33 Practice Bombs

Practice Bombs,deployed from aircraft weapons bay or underneath aircraft’s wing.

They simulate the trajectory of the low drag General Purpose Bombs, and have a pyrotechnic cartridge to indicate the ground impact point with red flash, white smoke or intense white smoke cloud.
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M904 – M905 Fuzes for General Purpose Bombs

Mechanical impact fuzes designed for the MK General Purpose, PF Fragmentation and other bombs with NATO Standard 2 inch 12 UN-2A threaded coupling.

The M904 is a nose fuze while the M905 is a tail fuze and both are non-delay mechanical impact ones, and can be configured for nine arming times, from 2 to 18 seconds.The safety block is released after traveling for approximately 1,000 feet.
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Air-to-ground Folding-Fin Aerial Rockets

The MK40 is unguided, Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket -FFAR, designed to be fired from helicoptersand aircrafts.
The MK66 High Performance is a 70 mm (2.75 in)high performance unguided air-to-ground rocket, with four wrap around fins for stabilization.

Both can be provided with practice, HE, anti-soft or anti-hard targets warheads.
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Practice Grenades 60 / 81 mm

Practice reusable hand grenades, 60 and 81 mm diameter, used for low cost practice in the handling and employment of grenades.

and mortar grenades, 60, 81 and 120 mm, for low cost practice, handling and employment.
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Mortar SubcaliberGrenades and Cartridges 60, 81 and 120 mm caliber

The Mortar Grenades of 60, 81 and 120 mm diameter,employed for low cost practiceand training of troops reducethe hazards in the handling and employment of mortars.

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