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Welcome to our electronic equipment’ centre.

We will feel honored to provide you with the products that fit your needs and invite you to visit our electronic products presentation on this page.

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Digital Plus S2200 receiver

Digital receiver for open TV, transmitted by domestic or international satellites, able to collect the signals from 16 antennas and tune in 80 analogical channels and 2000 digital TV and radio channels.

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Digital HDTV Plus receiver

High Definition TV receiver for UHF and VHF digital signals, high quality image and audio.


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Alarm system - CAM2200

Alarm System compatible with the main monitoring protocols and indicated for commercial, condominiums, residences and industrial units.

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Satellite TV Signal Distribution

Single receiver of satellite TV analogue signals, in C band, to multi points television sets usually provided in hotels, hospitals, condominiums, offices and alike buildings.

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Technology Innovation - Products coming Soon!

GPS Oriented TV System

Innovative technology for satellite free-to-air TV signals distribution. The GPS Oriented TV System selects and provides specific and individual TV programs and advertisings to each sector of the geographical area covered by the satellite. Its main feature is the insertion of regional content on real time operation, allowing a single satellite bean to carry multiple contents to a selected region.

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Mobile Phone Signal Repeater

This equipment receives, amplifies and retransmits mobile phone signals, covering areas of weak or non-existing signal in office, house indoor, underground, small tunnel and similar zones.

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Mono channel Transceiver

This line of products provides the capability of having a telephone extension in sites where conventional connections are not available, very expensive or physically impossible.
Features: range: 60 Km, 3 phones connected on each transceiver; operating with battery or solar panel

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