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Surveillance Radar - SABER M60

This state of the art Portable Point Defence 3D Radar features a 60 km detection range, an elevation and azimuth accuracy of 1 degree and a range accuracy of 50 m. The SABER M60 can be mounted by 3 persons, within 15 minutes.


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Secondary Radar SABER S60

SABER S60, the most compact short range portable secondary radar worldwide, that covers a range of 82 km operating in modes 1, 2, 3A, and C.


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UAV with Synthetic Aperture Radar and optical cameras - SARVANT

With a wingspan of 6 m, an endurance of 6 hours, a cruise speed of 200 km/h, this UAV can carry a payload of 50 kg. With a push pull twin motors configuration it offer a high reliability and low cost flight regime. The standard load for this UAV is the SARVANT synthetic aperture radar integrated with two optical cameras, one in the infrared and the other in the visible spectrum.


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Synthetic Aperture Radar for UAV - SARVANT

This equipmentweigh less than 30 kg and feature a Synthetic Aperture Radar, operating in X and P bands, and a high precision Inertial Navigation System coupled with GPS. The maximum resolution target in X band is 0.5 m (less than 2 feet) and in P band: 2 m. The System illuminates simultaneously the right and left side of the carryingUAV, featuring single pass interferometry in X band. It can also perform high accurate dual pass interferometry in P band.

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High Precision INS/GPS System - ORBINAV

The ORBINAV system provides navigation information (position and orientation) to its carrier system, by integrating a Strap Down Inertial Navigation System (INS) with a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS).

Its main application isthe support to the direct georeferencing of the Synthetic Aperture Radar OrbiSAR


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Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar - ORBISAR-RFP

The radar is the most advanced Mulitpolarimetric Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar for airborne mapping in scales up to 1:5.000. It operates simultaneously in X and P band, which allows mapping not only the surface but also the ground below the forest. It allows also mapping constantly cloud covered areas and operates even at night.


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Environment Monitoring Airborne System - OrbiSAR-EMS

It is a unique commercial P band Synthetic Aperture Radar System with a 45 km width monitoring swath at each side of the plane. This system, suitable for surveying large areas, produces high quality images where man made targets and deforestation activities will be shown in high contrast.


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High Throughput Signal Processing Board SPOS

The SPOS board integrates two large FPGAs with four high speed AD and five high-speed DA converters to form a very flexible, high performance and rugged digital signal processing solution.

Its programmable clock synchronization and serial high-speed data interfaces allow simple integration of the SPOS boards to huge coherent multi-channel systems.


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Surveillance Radar – SABER M200

Medium range, ruggedized and reliable radar system that operates in all weather and environmental conditions. The primary radar consists of 4 phase array panels operating in S band covering an instrumented range of 250 km. It will carry out the following modes simultaneously: surveillance radar, tracking radar, ground radar and Inverse Synthetic Aperture radar.

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Portable Secondary Radar - SABER S200

The SABER S200 is intended to be the most compact long-range portable secondary radar worldwide. It can easily be mounted in a tower or vehicle, featuring a range of 200 NM and operating in the modes 1, 2, 3A, C and S.

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X band Meteorological Radar

This X band radar featuring 50 km range is being designed to support weather forecast. It is foreseen to integrate a radar network. Equipped with the most modern processing algorithms, it will generate high quality weather forecast products, in real time.

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Airborne Surveillance System – ORBISARPROSAR

Is a unique commercial X- and P- band Synthetic Aperture Radar System with real time processing capability generating X-HH, P-HH, P-HV and P-VV images in real time.

The ORBISARPROSAR is foreseen to be interfaced to an aircraft mission Planning, Command and Control system and is suitable for border monitoring and search and rescue activities.
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