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What we do

We are a consulting company based in Brazil for advising and assistance in trade relations, business development, investments and long-term partnership between Arab and Brazilian technology-based companies.

Our expert consultants, with extended international business and multicultural experience, prospect potential business and partners, negotiate in client's language, take care of cultural differences and apply marketing and sales procedures adapted to client traditions.

We help Arab and Brazilian companies to develop new business and partnerships in Brazil and in the Arab World, based on long term commitment, respect to cultures and traditions, responsibility to society and the environment, and establishment of a relationship based on transparency, understanding and integrity.

Furthermore, we increase your return on cross-border and cross-market investments by reducing your time-to-market, market-entry-risk, and business development costs in one of the largest and most attractive emerging markets in the world: Brazil.

AMANI is your reliable Brazilian partner, strategically located within the most important industrial, aerospace and technology hub of South America, that can represent you, expand your business and provide tailor-made solutions to your special projects in Brazil and Latin America.

Our Vision

To be the best partners for technical products business between the Arab World and Latin America.

Our Mission

To support the partnership, technology transfer and mutual investment to develop new technologies and expand the productive capacity of Arab and Brazilian regions.

Our Values

Professionalism, innovation, honesty and ethics.


The technical development and sustainable growth of our customers by expanding their partnership and business in the international market.

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Our Consultants

Key professionals qualifications

A AMANI has a team of qualified professionals, each one with over 20 years of expertise in his or her respective area.

Khaled Sarout
International business

An engineer with a degree from the Aeronautical Technology Institute (ITA), Khaled Sarout is a consultant, specialized in international business, trade and sales of equipment and high-tech products. He has fifteen years experience managing the international sales of large Brazilian companies and their offices in the Middle East and North Africa as well as two decades living abroad and thirty years in sales and marketing. A professor of foreign trade, he is fluent in five languages and owner of AMANI.

Tarek Sarout

A trader to the Arab countries, Tarek Sarout has vast experience abroad in addition to fluency in Arabic, French, English and Portuguese. He has advised numerous companies about the exportation of agricultural equipment, electrical products, furniture, soft drinks, food and medical products.

Toufic Sarout
Sales and support

As a mechanical engineer with experience in engineering, industrial management, and technical education, Mohamed Sarout offers consulting in the design, manufacturing, and sale of equipment, spare parts special tools, and accessories.
Melhem Sarout
Industrial Designer, graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, postgraduate from Riopretense College and with a Masters degree in Industrial Design from the São Paulo State University - UNESP. Consultant, expert in environmental, promotional, editorial and identity designs. Former design professor at North of São Paulo University – UNORP, University of Rio Preto - UNIRP and Dom Pedro II College.
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