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Consulting and Assistance in international business

International trade is an outstanding opportunity to meet market needs, increase production, reduce costs, improve quality, introduce new products, increase profits, reduce dependence on domestic markets, project and ensure long life to the company and its brand name.

While adopting international procedures and marketing moulded to Arab or Latin American culture, we achieve your business in these markets and offer the support you may need for opportunities, business contacts, partnerships, sales, search and procurement for technical products, as well as expanding your business channel in Brazil.

With deep knowledge of and vast experience in the Arab and Latin cultures, our professionals can assure intercultural negotiations and communication, coaching, support and also give you the best guidance and solutions for your business needs, technical requirements and commercial partnerships in the Arab World and Brazil.


AMANI is active in the following areas:

International business and trade

  • Negotiations in Arabic, English, French, Spanish or Portuguese, with corporations and governments;
  • International trade of technical products and high value-added systems;
  • Analysis, discussion and negotiation of techno-commercial proposals and contracts;
  • Management of international business;
  • International contracts administration.


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International Marketing

  • Business Intelligence
  • Market research and development;
  • Research and selection of suppliers, business partners and clients for imported products;
  • Selection and supervision of local service providers;
  • Marketing moulded to Arab or Latin American culture;
  • Promotional advertising support, including: portfolio, catalogues, brochures, DVDs and videos in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French or Arabic;
  • Advice regarding customs and business practices in Brazil or in Arab countries;
  • Adjustments to the culture, protocol and religious habits in Arab or Latin countries;
  • Cross-cultural relationship adjustment;
  • Organization of visits to clients, suppliers and government offices;
  • Participation in international fairs;
  • Support for the reception of clients and foreign authorities delegations;
  • Answering service in Arabic, English, Spanish or French.


  • Agent and business representation for equipment, machinery, defence and security, special projects, technology transfer and high-tech products.


  • Management of branch office abroad;
  • Management of technical assistance, training, maintenance and spare parts supply;
  • Monitoring of manufacturing and shipping schedules;
  • Representation before foreign governments.

Courses and lectures

  • Development of export coaching program;
  • The Arab Culture;
  • Doing business with Arab Countries;
  • International sale of high-tech products;
  • Introduction to the Arab countries: history, geography, economy, government structure, etc.;

AMANI your reliable partnership for technology and international business support. Contact us for the expansion of your business in Brazil and Latin America.

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