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Doing business with the Arab Countries


International trade is the art of meeting the needs of a community that lives, speaks and thinks differently and that judges its satisfaction according to its own culture, traditions and peculiarities of its country.

This workshop has the purpose of presenting the trade practices in Arab countries, the best techniques for being successful in doing business with these traders who come from a centuries-old tradition and the multicultural aspects of communication, negotiation and interpersonal relationship.

Class time: 8 to 16 hours


    • Development of international sales skills and techniques, while providing effective tools for achieving business in Arab countries;
    • Emphasis on cultural nuances and their implications in international negotiations;
    • Introduction to cultural, social, and trade customs predominant in Arab countries;
    • Avoiding gaffes with foreigners.

Intended audience

Brazilian entrepreneurs, businessmen, traders, lawyers and professionals in international relations interested in doing business and carrying out partnerships in Arab countries.

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Curso Neg países árabes - right



Khaled Sarout
is a consultant and engineer (Aeronautics Technological Institute – ITA) with over 30 years' in business and marketing development, two decades of experience abroad, multicultural education and fifteen years managing international sales of large Brazilian companies and their offices in the Middle East and North Africa. Khaled is an advisor for international business and trade, cross-cultural relationship adjustment, business intelligence, marketing and sales of equipment and high-tech products to the Arab World and Latin America. He is also founder of AMANI Consulting and professor of international trade.


Free consultation

Free consult, by e-mail, for 30 days after the course.



Coffee breaks, parking, reference book and certificate.


In-company courses and training

AMANI offers in-company coaching, with special programs tailored to corporations, associations and consortia. This option optimizes the costs and training, reduces the period of absence of the professionals, and allows the presentation of the Arab countries of interest, their particularities and, optionally, details of the market potential for concerned products. Training in company, click here.



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