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Based on international experience and deep knowledge of the Arab and Latin ways of doing business, AMANI provides advice and trade solutions for your projects and business development in Brazil and Latin America. We offer:

Diagnosis and solutions for business development, partnership and trade between both regions.
Negotiations in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, business intelligence (BI), cross-cultural relationship adjustment and monitoring of proposals, technical descriptions, contracts, promotions and delivery time.

Representation, promotion and market research for products and equipment, including high-tech systems and special projects development.

Middle East Project
A full service program that prepares Brazilian entrepreneurs to conduct business and form partnerships with Arab companies. The program includes: courses and lectures to understand Arab customs and be acquainted with the best procedures in doing business with Arab countries, cross-cultural relationship adjustment, products promotion, revision of proposals, technical descriptions and contracts forms, tailor-made solutions for individual company needs, trade missions, support throughout negotiations and planning of future missions.

Courses and Lectures
Introduction to the Arab culture and courses on the best procedures for doing business with the Arab countries, practical improvement in foreign trade, and tactics for international sale of high value-added products.

"Never forget a customer and never let a customer forget you"

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Welcome to the AMANI website!

It is our pleasure to have you as our guest.

AMANI is a consulting company dedicated to business development, partnership and trade between the Arab World and Brazil.

We take care of your business with Brazilian suppliers, clients or authorities, negotiating in Portuguese and returning to you with products and solutions in Arabic, English or French.

Our professionals are familiarized with working in multicultural environments and will provide tailor-made solutions for your needs in: general products, equipment, defence & security, special projects, high-tech systems and technology transfer.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be honoured to serve you, confident in providing you cost-effective solutions.

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,AMANI has been honored by the visit of Brazilian and foreign companies and authorities, at LAAD 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

LAAD 2013

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