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Middle East Project

The Arab World, a large market with a GDP of U.S. $ 1.022 trillion (2005), importer of finished goods - U.S. $ 314.4 billion (2005), and owner of considerable overseas investments - U.S. $ 4 trillion (2008), is looking for new suppliers, investment opportunities and business partnerships.

At the South American - Arab Countries Summit, the Arab Heads of State and Governments declared their interest in fostering trade and cooperation with Latin America, particularly Brazil.

In parallel, several trade agreements, including the Free Trade Agreement between the GCC and MERCOSUR (Gulf Cooperation Council and Common Market of South America) are in progress and should boost the overall volume of trade and intensify contacts and relations between Arab and Brazilian companies.

Considering the magnitude and number of opportunities that this market represents, AMANI planned the Middle East Project, a full program for business development in the Arab countries. It provides the necessary cross-cultural relationship adjustment, support at all stages, as well as effective tools for achieving business with this centuries-old tradition of trading.

The Middle East Project consists of three stages:

1. Stage One

Participating Brazilian companies will constitute the Exporter Group to the Arab World – GEMA (Portuguese acronym which also means “gemstone”), that will provide sales force and cost reduction to all members thanks to combined performance.

GEMA products will be publicized through special AMANI site pages, emails and catalogue mailing to major importers and Arab investors, while the Sales and Marketing Export Managers will have courses, workshops and lectures to better understand the Arab people, their culture, traditions and trade practices:

  • The Arab people: their origin, characteristics and culture;
  • The social and business habits, protocols, and moral values;
  • How to do business in the Arab countries;
  • Introduction to the countries to be visited: general data, history, geography, climate, economy, government, etc.

For exporters who want, or need, additional support, AMANI can also offer advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Preparation of proposals, technical descriptions and contracts in Arabic, English or French;
  • Revision of portfolios, catalogues, brochures and videos for cultural and religious adjustments;
  • Export prices configuration;
  • Translation of techno proposals, contracts, brochures and videos;
  • Definition of sales strategy;
  • Market research;
  • Participation in international fairs;
  • Other support that may be needed.
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2. Stage Two

In the second stage, the Export Managers will participate in a trade mission and business meetings with invited Arab importers and will visit the local commerce, industries, chamber of commerce and selected associations.

The Project foresees daily meetings (debriefing), throughout the trade mission, between the GEMA components and the AMANI Consultants to answer any questions, clarify doubts, exchange views among the participants and to detail any next steps and meetings. The mission can be accompanied by a Portuguese-Arabic, Portuguese-English or French-Arabic interpreter, if necessary.

For exporters who want, or need, additional support, at this stage, AMANI can offer:

  • Assistance in negotiating in Arabic, English or French;
  • Assistance in technical discussions;
  • Guidance in cultural, social and business habits;
  • Representation in dealing with Arab clients;
  • Assistance in the selection of representatives and business partners;
  • Assistance in visits to Arab governments.

3. Stage Three

Back in Brazil, AMANI will monitor the progress of initiated contacts and negotiations, including:

  • Selection of suitable Arab business partners;
  • Products modification or adaptation, according to client requirements;
  • Revision of techno-proposals and prices;
  • The submitting of new proposals and sending of samples and technical details;
  • Organisation of the client or authority visit;
  • Carrying out promises made to Arab clients and potential partners.

The GEMA members will also meet for feedback of the mission outcome, exchange information, make suggestions and plan the next step and trade mission.

Upon request, AMANI can look through information about contacted Arab companies, support or take charge of cultural adaptation, business development and sales representation in the Arab countries.

To participate in the Middle East Project, please fill out and send us the details of your company. We will contact you shortly.

The Middle East Project: the most cost-effective plan for the expansion of your international market in the Arab World.

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