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AMANI: Your office in Brazil

Strategically located within the most important industrial, aerospace and technology hub of South America and based on international experience and deep knowledge of the Arab and Latin America cultures, AMANI is your Brazilian support for any need in business development, partnership and technology transfer.

  • Let us help you in your negotiations. We carry out your business in the native language, Portuguese or Spanish, and report to you in Arabic, English or French;

  • Make us your local office, available 6 days a week and relying on professionals with extensive international background, without having to rent permanent facilities or staff;

  • We can represent your interests and take on:
    • The assistance in developing clients for your special products;
    • The search for suppliers and business partners;
    • The selection and supervision of local service providers;
  • Let us organize your business events, plan your trade fair visits, book your hotel and arrange for drivers during your stay in Brazil;

  • We are your team working in your overseas office, saving time and reducing your costs and burden. We give you peace of mind!


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    Brazil: the next 5th largest economy


    Brazil is an admirable, fascinating, multiracial harmonious blend, like anywhere else in the world. A delight of crystalline water and rich green nature where Arabians, Africans, Europeans, Asians and Indians feel at home!

    Covering an area of 8.5 million km2, visited by more than 5 million foreign tourists every year, the country has a GNP of $1.6 trillion that will surely grow for many years to come. Brazil is set to become the 5th largest economy in the world within the next decade.

    The country has one of the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, modern telecommunications and cutting-edge banking systems, the largest and most diversified industrial park in Latin America and the world’s eighth largest market for IT outsourcing.

    Brazil has a population of more than 192 million people, a large and fast growing consumer market. With 22% of the world’s arable land, the largest biodiversity in the planet, a wide cultivable area, leading-edge agro-industrial technology, strong structure for research in farming and evolving biotechnology processes, Brazil meets all the requirements to be a leader in the biotechnology field.

    In addition to being the world’s largest producer of coffee, oranges and sugar-cane, Brazil has large reserves of iron ore, bauxite, manganese, tin and gold, and is among the world’s top producers of consumer goods, foodstuffs, soft drinks, steel, automobiles, shoes, paper and electric energy generation.

    Brazil has attracted a growing number of foreign investors, motivated by great business opportunities in several sectors such as: infrastructure, real estate, IT, biotechnology, agribusiness, energy, mineral resources, manufacturing and services. The flow of foreign direct investment has been growing over the last several years, having reached US$ 45 billion in 2008.

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